Massam LLC is the exclusive distributor of AZOMITE® to Latin America, Canada and the Caribbean.

AZOMITE® is a natural soil remineralizing supplement and natural feed additive mined in Utah, USA.
It contains a broad spectrum of over 70 trace minerals unlike any other geological deposit in the world.
AZOMITE® is listed for Certified Organic use by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and is also certified Halal.

AZOMITE® benefits:


• Fruit and vegetable yield
• General plant health
• Germination rate
• Disease resistance
• Pest resistance
• Plant color
• Root systems
• Fruit sweetness (BRIX values)
• Mineral content of fruits and vegetables


• Animal size
• Immune response
• Feed conversion
• Eggshell quality
• Dressed carcass yield
• Average daily lean gain
• Pathogen resistance
• Resistance to heat stress
• Anti-caking agent
• Mycotoxin binding ability
• Feed mill throughput increased/reduced energy consumption


AZOMITE® is used in aquaculture feed for mineral supplementation and as pond water treatment to stimulate plankton and algae growth. Studies of AZOMITE®-supplemented shrimp (vannamei and monodon) and tilapia show marked improvement in health and growth rate.