Additives and Enhancers: Getting the Most from Your Fertilizer

Dr. Paul Massam, Vickie Massam and Damon Fodge share their perspective on the global soil additives market with CropLife’s Dan Jacobs.

Additives and Enhancers: Getting the Most from Your Fertilizer

Emerging Markets

AZOMITE Mineral Products was founded in Utah in the 1940s. The company’s products are available on every continent except Antarctica. And the company has seen an increase in business in many areas.

Damon Fodge, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of DF International, AZOMITE distributor to Asia, has seen an uptick in organic fertilizer producers incorporating AZOMITE as an ingredient to their own soil product formulations and blends.

“These are often output as compost-based granules for ease in application and are a cost-effective means for getting our products distributed through very large areas such as Malaysia,” Fodge says.


J Paul Massam of AZOMITE Mineral Products says there are no geographic boundaries where AZOMITE can supplement soil programs and enhance soil fertility.

Dr. J Paul Massam and Vickie Massam of Massam LLC, AZOMITE distributors for Canada, Mexico, Central and Latin America, and the Caribbean have seen similar results.

“There are no geographic boundaries around opportunities where AZOMITE can supplement soil programs that enhance soil fertility, which supports plant yields, quality, and stress resistance,” J Paul says.

Vickie Massam added: “As growers around the world experience shifts in normal weather patterns, studies have shown that the natural elements in AZOMITE may help improve plant resilience. Who doesn’t need that?”

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