Azomite: a full-spectrum reclamation soil additive



Azomite, now available in Canada, is an economical soil additive that can speed up and improve reclamation land recovery


Published April 2014

 Mining and oilsands reclamation projects in Canada have a new product to add to their toolboxes. Azomite is a soil additive that adds the minerals and trace nutrients back into the soil. It’s now available through an exclusive Canadian distributor, ML Agri Products in Slocan, B.C.

“Mining really does strip off any of the micronutrients that are in the soil—the essential elements and minerals,” said distributor Mark Loran. “It will take basically thousands of years to get that back in, unless you put it straight back into the soil. It does create much stronger plants that are more disease resistant and nutrient rich.”

With about 100 pounds of Azomite required for each acre of reclamation land, the additive is a very cost-effective way to improve revegetation. Companies can expect to see improved growth in a quicker time frame. Azomite provides nutrients that are needed by every sort of plant life.

Azomite is mined in the state of Utah, which has the only known deposit in the world. The product is available in more than 30 countries around the world. There are no additives, making the full-spectrum soil additive organic and natural—an easy, economical option for returning a site to its original state.

To learn more, and for ordering information, visit the Azomite Canada website.

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