AZOMITE in Layers – April 2018 Brasil “Qualidade em Casca de Ovo Foco em Nutrição Mineral Ultra -Traço”

Thank you to the wonderful partnership between NEXCO, Vaccinar and Massam LLC – Vaccinar sponsored several informative presentations to layer operations in Bastos “Capital do Ovo” (The Egg Capital) and Santa Maria de Jetiba.  Combined, the groups represent over 25 million layers.

Although the focus was on egg shell strength “Qualidade em Casca de Ovo Foco em Nutrição Mineral Ultra -Traço“, the group presented the myriad other benefits trace elements bring in egg production quality, quantity, FCR and immune system support.  Building on the successes from the August 2017 Symposium, we are pleased that 100% of the coop members of COAG (Cooperativa Agrícola de Guatapará) are using AZOMITE in their layer diets.

Geraldo Borba of NEXCO answers questions about AZOMITE

Elenita Monteiro from A Hora do Ovo posted live feed during the presentation.

Paul Massam, Geraldo Francisco, Vickie Massam, Fernando Alves, Joaquim Traldi, Geraldo Borba


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