AZOMITE – Melons in Mossoro Brasil, April 2018

One of the largest melon growers in the Mossoro region has been testing AZOMITE on their farm.  Initial tests including AZOMITE in their coco fiber substrate yielded significantly improved germination rates, stronger seedlings with 100%  survival in  transplant, better root development, and larger plants post transplant in the fields.  We were delighted to be given a tour of their facilities and to have reviewed the  research conducted at the trial.

L Control        R AZOMITE ~ 30 kg/ha note larger, darker more developed leaves

Worker filling seedling trays with substrate containing AZOMITE

seedlings at the top right are control; larger better developed seedlings, bottom left contain AZOMITE




Coco fiber substrate containing AZOMITE

Diego Manso, Paul Massam, Isabela, Vickie Massam, Raimundo Nonato, Geraldo Borba, Lucas Alves present AZOMITE to a melon cooperative


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