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Dig Garden, located at the Highway 3A/6 junction in South Slocan, is pleased to announce it’s the Canadian distributor for AZOMITE® Trace Minerals.

And now that the word is out, the product is flying off the shelf.

“We brought in 27 tons and that sold out in the first week,” said Mark Loran, owner/operator of Dig Garden with his wife Lori.

“Then we brought in another 27 tons . . . and that already half sold.”

AZOMITE® is a natural product mined from an ancient mineral deposit in Utah (USA) that typically contains a broad spectrum of over 70 minerals and trace elements, distinct from any mineral deposit in the world.

AZOMITE® is used internationally as a feed additive and a soil re-mineraliser for plants, and is available in over thirty countries throughout the world.

Minerals in Azomite Organic Soil Amendments are necessary for optimal metabolism in living things.

Ground to dust, trace minerals are small enough to pass through cell walls of organisms.

Azomite has no additives, synthetics or fillers and is 100% natural. Typical analysis shows every element that’s beneficial to plants and animals and other elements scientists believe essential.

Azomite has been used in conjunction with N-P-K for over 65 years to create healthier more nutrient dense plants with better disease resistance, improved germination rates, healthier root systems and higher yields in a multitude of different plants including corn, wheat, leaf vegetables, citrus fruits, grapes, potatoes, tomatoes and many, many more.

“Azomite really promotes disease resistance in either plants as well as animals,” Loran explained.

“Because if a plant is healthy, like a human, the more healthy you are the less chance you’re going to get sick.”

Loran said Azomite is only one percent soluble so it just stays in the ground and the plants just use it as they need it.

“You can mix it with soil, mix it into you vegetable beds . . . its great for lawns, and great for trees.”

“A lot of research is being done on trees dying in California,” Loran added. “Researchers have used Azomite and trees have come back.”

AZOMITE® is sold in 44 pound bags or five pound pails.

A 44-pound bag will cover just under a half an acre.

“The word is getting out and Canada is just waking up from under the snow so this is a perfect time to bring it in,” Loran said.

For more information check out the AZOMITE® website.

Dig Garden is a subsidiary of Canadian distributor for AZOMITE®, Pacific Sprinklers.

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