The Evaluation of a Natural Mineral Product (AZOMITE®) When Fed to Broilers

The Evaluation of a Natural Mineral Product (AZOMITE®) When Fed to Broilers
Brett Lumpkins1, Greg Mathis1,and Roger James2
1Southern Poultry Research, Inc., 2Azomite Mineral Products, Inc.

The addition of AZOMITE® at either the 0.25% and 0.50% in a standard commercial grade diet significantly improved the FCR over the birds fed the PC diet. Furthermore, when the
energy of a commercial diet is lowered by 10 kcal/lb the inclusion of AZOMITE® into the diet can improve the birds FCR levels comparable to those seen in the PC fed birds.
Overall, there was no difference in BWG or carcass characteristics between any of the treatments, indicating that the benefits observed in FCR are due to the decrease in feed
intake. Upon further examination through histology, there is a significant linear improvement in duodenal villi height with the increased inclusion of AZOMITE to a
commercial diet. This increase in villi height may indicate an improvement in gut health and nutrient absorption resulting in FCR benefits.  Read more…

FCR Villi


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