Panama Visit November 2017

Ing. Hector Perea of CASA, Paul and Vickie Massam discussing AZOMITE benefits on rice production with Ing. Reinaldo and his son, Ing. Victor at their farm “Espiga de Rey”.

Espiga de Rey, PanamaPaul, Vickie, Ing. Reinaldo, Ing. Hector and Ing. Victor


Meet Kevin Martinez of Chiriqui Passion Fruit in Bugaba, Panama

We were treated to a tour of the lovely Chiriqui Passion Fruit farm in Bugaba. This beautiful, diverse and family run farm has achieved a balance with nature by thoughtful management practices.

CASA, our exclusive distributor in Panama, introduced Kevin to AZOMITE as a safe, natural way to improve the soil, the quality and quantity of his passion fruit.
Kevin applied AZOMITE (~60 kgs/ha) on 2 year old vines which would normally be ending their productive life cycle. The AZOMITE treated vines not only showed improved vigor, but they continuously produced a healthy, delicious crop of passion fruit for over a year – and still going.

A dynamic 26 year old, Kevin took over the farm operations after completing his agronomy studies. The farm boasts growing yucca production as well as its own juicing operation.  We look forward to growing with Chiriqui Passion Fruit.

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