Plantain Study

Plantain Nursery Stock Study
Dr. Kwa Moïse, Fonbah, Cletus and Colleagues
CARBAP – BP 832 | Douala, Cameroon, July 2014

Conclusion from Principal Investigator:

AZOMITE in Plantains

After the analysis of the preliminary results of this new product, it appears to have very interesting effects on plantain plantlets in the nursery, notably on:
• Growth in the height of the plantlets with at least 20% increase in height, with respect to the control. This increase can substantially double the height of the plant when AZOMITE® is associated with a mineral fertilizer (NPK);
• Increase in plantlet diameter (by at least 11%) with the possibility of  achieving a 40% increase in diameter when AZOMITE® is associated with NPK;
• Increase in number of leaves emitted (at least 8%). The rate can reach 15% in case of addition of a mineral fertilizer (NPK);
• Root-emission, when AZOMITE® is associated with NPK, there is possibility of increasing the number of roots by nearly 73%. In addition, it is interesting to note that AZOMITE® alone can contribute to a biomass increase in a range from 50% to over 7 times when combined with NPK fertilizers. It is the same for plant weight, which is increased by 20% with AZOMITE® alone, and
when combined with an NPK fertilizer can also reach 7 times.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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